IADC Therapy with César Valdez, LMSW

Thank you for visiting. I am a certified EMDR therapist and have been practicing psychotherapy since 1996. I train therapists throughout the world in the IADC technique and and am the co-founder of a psychotherapy training organization in Ann Arbor, Michigan called Partners in Healing.

IADC therapy is a very brief and highly effective therapeutic intervention currently undergoing research. It employs modifications to the standard EMDR therapy model, and its primary aim is to address grief—from modest, residual grief to traumatic and complicated grief. IADC therapy works with a client’s perception of deep connection to a deceased loved one.


In 2008, I was working with a client on his conflictual relationship with his long-deceased mother.  During a therapy session, my client—much to my surprise—reported to me that he felt his mother hold his head in her hands, kiss his forehead, and say the words, “I love you and I’m sorry.” He went on to describe a feeling of complete resolution of their acrimonious relationship and to report that she had also offered him guidance about current difficulties in his life. His remarkable experience and healing transformation exceeded anything I’d witnessed up to that point in my career.

A year later, I learned about Dr. Allan Botkin, a therapist who had not only had a similar and even more striking experience with several clients, but who had also developed a psychotherapeutic protocol out of it. He called his method Induced After-Death Communication Therapy. I registered for a training with Dr. Botkin and learned how to reliably help grieving clients enter into the psychological state in which these natural perceptions of connection with deceased loved ones occur.

Since 2012, I’ve been a Certified Trainer of IADC Therapy, and have been a member of the International IADC Board. As a therapist, my primary objective is to offer healing experiences to clients. After more than 25 years in practice, my IADC interventions stand out to me as some of the most powerful, profound, and accelerated healing experiences I’ve witnessed. I’m grateful to offer this extraordinary vehicle for healing grief.