IADC Training for Therapists

In September 2014, I had the privilege of presenting Dr. Botkin’s IADC Therapy in Denver, Colorado at the EMDR International Association’s annual conference.  Although Dr. Botkin first made his discovery in 1995, this was the first time IADC Therapy was being presented before an EMDR audience as an innovative adaptation of EMDR. When I asked the audience if they had ever had a client spontaneously perceive the presence of a deceased person during a therapy session, well over half raised their hands. These were therapists who had not been trained in the IADC protocol, and many of them had never heard of IADC therapy prior to the conference. This affirms that ADCs are natural and spontaneous and that their occurrence seems to be facilitated in the context of certain deeply-focused therapeutic interventions.

IADC Therapy training provides EMDR clinicians with an understanding of the conditions that facilitate ADCs in psychotherapy and an opportunity to learn a protocol that can reliably offer clients this healing experience.

I offer a one-day training in IADC Therapy to licensed professionals who have completed EMDR Basic Training.

Training Details:

Training is provided to individuals or to self-organized small groups of up to 6 individuals.  The one-day training offers a morning session, which covers changes to the EMDR standard protocol and a detailed description of the IADC procedure.  The afternoon session covers screening/assessment and includes a video demonstration of a client successfully undergoing an IADC session.

Fees for Training:

Individual:  $850

Group rates are offered based on the size of the group.

Schedule a Training:

Please contact César Valdez with any questions about training or to schedule a training individually or as a group.