Location, Office Directions & Parking

202 E. Washington St., Ste. 200, Ann Arbor, MI  48104

My office is located on the corner of Washington St. and Fourth Ave. in downtown Ann Arbor.  Parking is available in the structure diagonally across from my building ($1.20 per hour) or in meters surrounding the building ($1.50 per hour, free after 6pm). The entry to my building is located on Washington St. to the left of the T-Mobile cellular phone store and is under a green awning.  Once in the building, you may take the elevator or stairs to the second floor. The door to suite 200 is located in the stairwell directly across from the elevators and has my name on it. (Note: if you encounter a locked door, it is likely that you passed the entrance to my office and are at the exit door. Please backtrack a few steps and find the door that is in the stairwell). You may walk in and have a seat in the waiting room where you will find a clipboard with brief forms for your review.  I will come greet you at the time of our appointment.